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Introduction to FFMAC


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Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre offers a range of martial arts and fitness based programs designed specifically to suit your individual needs. From beginners to advanced, male or female, and any age, we have a class to suite you.


We achieve with;

A fresh approach to 'Martial Arts Fitness' that gives you the training edge at Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre so that you achieve continuous improvement and results that last.

Not only a focus on self-defence skills, but also the complete personal development of each student to be leaders in the local community.

By working closely with each individual and paying attention to your needs, which allows you to progress quickly and easily toward your personal goals and achieving success.

Our instructors are positive role models teaching the importance of strong character, leadership and good values.

Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre is a great way for kids, adults and families to exercise and socialise together, developing friendships beyond their everyday school and work environment that are based on trust, respect, loyalty, achievement, perseverance and understanding.

From Humble Beginnings

Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre officially opened September 2001 in McGraths Hill, NSW, Australia. The founding Master Instructor is Wayne Abbott, a former police officer of 8 years. Master Wayne Abbott has over 40 years of martial arts and self defence experience, he has cross trained in various martial arts styles including Judo, Tae Kwon Do, kick boxing and grappling and he still actively teaches to students each week. Wayne began training in martial arts at the age of 10; starting with Judo and then Taekwondo where he trained with former Korean army major and Vietnam war veteran Master Chong Yoon Rhee. A strong believer in the personal benefits of martial arts, Master Wayne Abbott went on to open his own martial arts school in 1985 at the local community hall.

Wayne began instructing not long after earning his black belt.


In the late 1990's Master Wayne Abbott took a short break from instructing to focus on family and business commitments but couldn't stay away for long. In 2001 he began instructing again;

"I actually started again for my own children" said Master Abbott, "My 6 year old daughter who was in year 1, was having some difficulty with reading and writing. After a little research we found her school learning issues to be related to retained reflexes. One of the best things a child can do with this issue is martial arts as it focuses on revolving around and crossing the centre line of the body. The results after 6 months were fantastic, with her reading and writing skills improving dramatically. My daughter is now an 'A' grade high school student. The other reason I got started was to give my 4 year old son something to do. Martial arts are a great activity the whole family can do together."

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The Benefits of Martial Arts for You:

Creates a positive attitude to life that builds self-esteem and confidence.

Teaches the importance of strong value definitions and good character.

Promotes the desire to learn, apply knowledge, and achieve continuous improvement.

Teaches self-discipline and strong study habits in school including overall concentration.

Instils the virtues of respect, tolerance, compassion, diversity and inclusion.

Improves performance, flexibility, and endurance in other sports.

Boosts fitness, toning and controls weight.

Creates habits and disciplines that will impact other areas of your life.

Sharpens your reflexes and increases your range of physical movement.

Breathing techniques to help you relax, relieve stress, achieve focus and clarity in your life.

Realise the power of one body, one mind, one spirit to increase energy live a happier life.

Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre Today

Today, Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre is a member of the worldwide American Taekwondo Association and Will-Machado Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Australasia. It operates from a full-time facility in McGraths Hill, NSW, Australia and has a range of programs to suite people of all ages and skill levels.

Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre is a premium provider of martial arts, health and fitness services for the whole family with a commitment to professional, courteous and leading edge practices that teach and develop members to become leaders within the community they live in.

At Fighting Fit Martial Arts Centre, we look forward to working with our members as they achieve success through martial arts and fitness every day.

For more information about our services, call 0417 010 990 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



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